Things That Can Go Wrong Wading Indiana Streams

Things That Can Go Wrong Wading Indiana Streams
So you want to catch smallmouth bass in Indiana? A little afraid of what might happen when you get down in the creek or river valley?

Fret not, here is a list of things that might happen to you.

1 Dehydration
2 Broken rod
3 Broken/bound reel
4 Gravel sand in your shoes
5 Stinging nettles
6 Poison ivy- no immediate effect
7 Beaver traps
8 Barbed wire fences strung across the creek or eroded off a bank strung amongst river structure
9 Sore ankles/knees from walking on river rock
10 Worn out from walking on sand.
11 Break a shoelace.
12 Spring a leak in your waders
13 Landowner confrontation
14 ATV's in the river or creek
15 Hunters
16 Shooting practice-stray bullet/arrow
17 Darkness
18 Rain
19 Snow
20 High wind
21 Falling branches
22 Hook yourself
23 Sweat or other substance (bug spray) in eyes
24 Lose car keys
25 No cell phone service
26 Lost
27 Run out of fishing line
28 Cold
29 Hot
30 Cuts from brush/ handling fish
31 Rabid dog/raccoon, etc...
32 Territorial dog
33 Slips, trips and falls
34 Infection from water
35 Bathroom use
36 Bad fishing
37 Expensive lure in tree
38 Path blocked by log jam, thick thicket, fence, etc...
39 Water too deep to circumvent
40 Spider bite, snake bite, etc...
41 Hunger
42 Heat exhaustion
43 Allergies
44 K-bar jutting out from rip rap
45 Rock slide, mude slide, bank collapse
46 Inadequate foot gear leading to loss in comfort or ease of travel
47 Running out of the 'hot' lure of the moment
48 Conservation officer
49 Vines tripping you wearing you out
50 Stepping in an animal carcass, smell an animal carcass
51 Annoying locals- noisy, punks, aggressive, etc...
52 Ticks
53 Leeches

So as you can see, no reason to leave the house!

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